Officer Resources

2009 Kentucky Department of Revenue decision letter stating USPHS officers are included in the military pay exemption.

Kentucky tax decision letter

The Officer Resources Section of the CCA SharePoint Site can be found here

On December 2, 2019 the Commissioned Corps Activity Office send out an email listing all the current functional mailboxes, what each are used for, and a reminder to use these mailboxes instead of contacting individual CCA specialists in those areas. Below is an excerpt from that email.

“VERY IMPORTANT: Send your requests and inquiries to the relevant dedicated CCA mailbox and not to the individual CCA staff specialist. Emailing or phoning your requests directly to a CCA staff specialist may result in a delayed response or unintended oversight of the request in the event the staff specialist is on leave, deployed, or out of the office.

Please note: SERNOs are no longer required with inquiries or requests.

Before you send an inquiry, we strongly encourage you to read any related material or information available on the Commissioned Corps Management Information System (CCMIS), and in our CCA SharePoint site Officer Resources library, under archived Listserv emails, or CCA Chronicles issues.

EXCEPTIONS: There are only two exceptions to the process above:

  • For questions related to adverse actions, performance issues, or conduct issues, send your requests directly to CCA’s career management officer, CAPT Terry Harrison, with copy to the CCA Director, CDR Deborah Dee and CCA Deputy Director, CAPT Todd Going.
  • For questions related to TRICARE, healthcare coverage, or medical fitness for duty, please email CAPT Leslie Leonard.”

Please click on the link below to see the full email.

12-2-19 Email-How to Contact CCA-Use Commissioned Corps Activity’s Dedicated Drop Box and Mailboxes to Help Expedite Your Requests

On November 21, 2019 CAPT Gibbins provided a summary of all Commissioned Corps policies released this year. See pdf below!

Summary of Recent Commissioned Corps Policy Updates

2/27/20 CAPT Echt has provided the following links for shopping through the Wright-Patterson AFB  (food, fitness, family, etc.).

Financial and Legal Resources for Officers

Free Financial Webinars on the National COA Website

January 9, 2019 Email from National COA: “COA has partnered with Morgan Stanley to deliver a series of webinars on financial education. Mr. Ash Minor, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, provides a new webinar approximately every month. Previous episodes are posted on YouTube and available on the COA website.”

DOD Contracted Financial Advisor

Wilma Broering is a DOD contracted financial advisor. She can provide financial advice regarding retirement planning (including on the Blended Retirement System vs the Legacy Retirement system), college planning, and other financial considerations. See attached flyer for additional information. Please feel free to reach out to her.

She presented the following information at the January 9, 2019 COA meeting:

Slides for WBroering 1-9-19 presentation

Net Worth Template

Monthly income and living expense calculator

Wilma Broering, CFP

The WPAFB Judge Advocate General (JAG) office offers legal services to PHS officers, including will preparation. If you are interested in their services, go to their website and fill out the “legal assistance” worksheet. From there, you will receive a ticket number and can then call the JAG office have your will completed.

88th ABW Judge Advocate General
5135 Pearson Road
Building 10, Area A
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio 45433
Telephone: (937) 257-6142 / Fax: (937) 257-5937
The legal office is located on the first floor of the 88th Air Base Wing Headquarters, Bldg. 10, Area A