Email 12/19/19 from the Chair, USPHS Health Services Professional Advisory Committee:

Dear Health Services Officers,

As you know there have been several new and updated policies published by CCHQ over the past few weeks including significant changes and implications that may impact your career and promotion for this current year and in the future.  The HSPAC Policy and Procedures Subcommittee has summarized the changes in the document attached to this email. 

The document [Summary of Recent Commissioned Corps Policy Updates]  is divided into two sections: Part I is a summary of all the recent policy changes and Part II is a detailed brief on the impact of the new readiness policies on promotion going forward. 

Please be advised that, just last week, CCHQ updated the promotion eligibility status on your dashboard last week!  If you’re not sure if you are up for promotion this year, check your dashboard!

At your service,

CDR Simleen Kaur


On 3 July 2003, the Secretary of Health and Human Services recognized the Corps’ unique ability to provide swift and effective responses to urgent health needs and directed that all active-duty officers meet force readiness standards by 2005. This recognition highlighted the Corps’ ability to meet the urgent and extraordinary public health needs of the American people while continuing to perform in traditional mission areas that are focused on protecting, promoting, and advancing the health and safety of the Nation.

To accomplish these critical missions, it is imperative that the Department has a fit and healthy force of officers, ready to respond, protected from disease and injury, when and where the Department’s mission(s) requires. Officers who fail to meet or maintain force Readiness standards established by the Assistant Secretary for Health without an approved waiver, are subject to disciplinary action for misconduct. In addition, failure to meet or maintain force readiness standards also constitutes grounds for involuntary retirement and involuntary termination during the probationary period.


A new Promotions Policy “Promotion Precept Weights” was issued on  October 10, 2017  This policy describes the inclusion of an officer’s Readiness Compliance history. This new policy will start as of promotion year 2018.


CCMIS Readiness Page (REDDOG)

On-call Response Roster 2017-2019

eOPF Document Upload Job Aid for Officers

Exercise equipment compliant with the new fitness test has been installed at Hamilton and Taft (see photos below of the required upright cycle and elliptical machine).

Approved exercise bike HamiltonApproved elliptical Hamilton