Cincinnati COA President’s Message

LCDR Kevin L. Dunn; Cincinnati COA Chapter President

The mission of the Commissioned Officers Association of the United States Public Health Service is to protect and enhance the public health safety of the United States by advocating for the Commissioned Corps and its officers. The Cincinnati Local Branch of the COA embodies this mission by supporting its member officers through disseminating information about the current state of the PHS and changes that may be coming, providing career development mentoring, and providing community service and athletics opportunities for its membership.

As President this year, I hope to continue the COA support of our officers and programs by reformatting many of our activities from the prior years to continue safely with regard to the local public health environment. In light of the pandemic we will be moving many of our activities to online platforms. We will strive to continue our support of programs such as Adopt a Class, sponsoring and providing judges for local science fairs, participation in virtual athletic events, and maintaining esprit de corps of our officers. I would encourage all of our members to participate in our monthly zoom meetings, and spend some time connecting with fellow officers.

If you have any thoughts or recommendations on improving our COA, please feel free to let me know at .

Very respectfully,

LCDR Kevin Dunn